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Remove Date from Photo Pro

Remove Logo from Photo Screenshot
Remove Logo from Photo Screenshot
Remove unwanted logos and watermarks from your pictures! Remove Date from Photo can clean your pictures from simple logos and complex watermarks no matter what shape they are. The newly developed interpolation algorithm restores original colors and textures that were hidden behind the logo, leaving no visible traces of the watermark ever being there.
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How It Works

It's very easy to remove a logo from the photo. Simply open the picture with Remove Date from Photo and use your mouse to select the area containing the unwanted logo or watermark, and Remove Date from Photo will automatically remove the logo from your photo in a matter of moments.

remove logo from photos sample 1
remove logo from photos sample 2

Process Hundreds of Pictures at Once

With Remove Date from Photo's batch mode, it's extremely easy to remove logos from hundreds of photos. If your files feature the same or similar logo positioned at the same spot in, you can remove logos from all photos in just a few clicks. Just select all pictures you want to process, specify the area that contains the logo or watermark, and Remove Date from Photo will restore all images to their original, non-imprinted state.

Remove Imprinted Time and Date

Nearly every film point-and shoot camera of yesteryear used to record information about the date of the capture when shooting film. Even professional film SLRs made during that time used to imprint information about the year, month and day of the capture in the lower right corner of the picture. The imprinted date was then transferred to prints. Date imprinting has been long out of fashion today, yet your old prints, slides or scans may still show the imprinting.

remove logo from photo

Remove Date from Photo can remove date and time imprints from your scanned photos, producing clean and clear snapshots no longer ruined by annoying artefacts. Just open a picture with Remove Date from Photo and use your mouse to select the area with imprinted numbers, and the tool will make the numbers disappear.

No Other Tools Required

Unlike similar tools that require you to install bulky and expensive tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Remove Date from Photo does everything on the spot. Supporting a wide range of image formats, Remove Date from Photo can process images in JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and many other formats.

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What customers are saying

David Seney:
watermark remover user 1 Downloaded to Win 7 64 bit, registered just fine. Tried it out on several images and was truly impresssed.
I have CS5 on my and and do not believe it could do as well. it removed several LARGE things with NO evidence they were ever there.
NO artifacts, no blur.. no nothing. BEAUTIFUL software!

Patrick Wiley:
watermark remover user 1 I find Remove Date from Photo very USFULL!! I have a couple of pic's (i think 600) whit datestamp and its works it cool. Realy.


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