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It is frustrating to work on digital or scanned images that are watermarked but have to be presented or published without them. Going through it meticulously one at a time is inefficient and frustrating. For commercial purposes, this can result in greater expense or less profit. Regrettably, this situation happens often. What is needed is an efficient photo correction tool that not only can remove watermark from photo but also allow the user to do so without costing too much or needing a great deal of time to do so. The answer to this problem is SoftOrbits’ Photo Stamp Remover.

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Photo Stamp Remover gives users flexible tools and efficient ways in how to remove watermark. After selecting the unwanted watermark or any other artifact, the erased part is automatically filled in with texture and color from pixels that are around the erased part. The result is an unnoticeable removal of the watermark that seemed to have never been there at all. This automatic process saves the user from a complicated manual process of selection, removal, and restoration, but instead can be devoted to the time to process batches of images and photos. You can see samples of images before and after they are cleaned with the software.

remove watermark from photo removing watermark from photo

Watermarks are not the only images that can be cleaned up by Photo Stamp Remover. It works perfectly in removing date and time stamps, unwanted artifacts, logos, skin imperfections, photo scratches, and dust spots. It does so easily with different selections such as by area or even by color, and automatic removal, correction, or restoration will be generated. SoftOrbits offers several packages of the software, starting from the Lite Edition, to the Standard Edition that can process photos by batches, to the Pro Edition that comes with the amazing Photo Retoucher software. There is also the option to get the Business License package for government or corporate applications.

You can download the latest version of Photo Stamp Remover, which is just a little more than 7 Mb in size. In no time, people can try the software for a test run and see how effectively it can remove watermark of any kind in digital or scanned images. The software is built for the user in mind, so that he or she can use it at once rather than spend hours reading a manual and figuring out how complicated photo editing suites are overkill for such a purpose. Once the user decides to purchase the software, the registration key will be sent immediately by email to allow for unlimited, full-featured use.

Buy Now $49.99
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