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How to Remove Date from Photo

remove logo from photo screenshot
Remove Logo from photo Screenshot

Photos are meant to be timeless but there are instances wherein date stamps are left on a picture because of a camera function. If you want your photos to stand the test of time, use software that can help you remove the date stamp.

How to remove date from photo?

There are photo editors online but there is one photo editor that gets the job done with little to no hassle and that is SoftOrbits Photo Stamp Remover.

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Get Rid of Unwanted Marks

Photo Stamp Remover provides users with a variety of functions that help remove date stamp from photo. With the help of the Photo Stamp Remover, you can remove not only dates but unwanted signs from your photos. You can remove logos, watermarks, wrinkles, discolorations, and other things from the photos you want to use. The software generates the right texture to make your photo look natural after you remove watermarks, dates, logos, and other things.

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Restore Old Photos

Rejuvenate your old photos to recapture their former glory. Old family photos can be brought back to life with the help of Photo Stamp Remover. All you need to do is scan your old photos and edit them using Photo Stamp Remover. Remove marks, scratches, discolorations, dust marks, and unsightly objects that have clung to your old photos. Put the old wedding photo, family picture with grandparents, or childhood photos on full display again without those nasty looking marks.  

Edit with a Click

Photo Stamp Remover makes editing easier. All you need to do is upload your picture into the program. Once you start using the software you can easily remove marks, discolorations, scratches, and other edits that need to be done to improve your picture.

Edit More than One Photo

Photo Stamp Remover has a batch mode support that enable users to edit more than one photo simultaneously. You can easily remove the date stamp on multiple photos once you point out the area of the stamp. The software will do all of the work for you.

Photo Editor for Everyone

With its user-friendly interface, Photo Stamp Remover enables anyone to remove marks and date stamps on their photos. The controls and installation process is easy to understand and implement. You no longer have to install or buy other photo editor software to edit your photos.

Photo Stamp Remover makes editing photos faster and easier for anyone who wants to restore and edit photos.

For more details see the updated detailed tutorial on how to remove date from photo using Photo Stamp Remover

. This tutorial shows 3 different methods of date stamp selection: by color, marker and clone stamp tool. Also it shows how to turn off date stamp in camera settings. It has a lost of mobile apps that allows you to remove date from photo on your mobile device. Finally it offers software alternatives for Mac users.
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